SYNETCOM and Easycall announce the EASYNET partnership to deliver newest VSAT managed service



SYNETCOM Philippines, Inc and publicly-listed company EasyCall Communications Philippines Inc. (ECPI) announce a partnership called EASYNET, a project that offers IP Broadband Managed Service over VSAT.

Combining the VSAT technology expertise of Synetcom with the management experience of ECPI and the global reach of Transnational Diversified Group of Companies (TDG), companies will now connect faster with greater ease through this reliable service.

With EASYNET offered as a managed service, organizations that have remote offices, branches in far-flung areas or business locations with poor signal or no telecommunications network at all, can now enjoy a fast, secure and reliable connectivity using the latest VSAT technology and expertise.

EASYNET efficiently addresses the voice, video and Internet requirements of companies with last mile solutions where terrestrial infrastructure is not economically feasible. It also serves as a backup telecommunications infrastructure to existing terrestrial connectivity. The VSAT technology serves as an ideal private telecommunications network providing connectivity, reliability and availability and guaranteed throughput.

Synetcom President and CEO Dennis Luyahan proudly announced that EASYNET is committed to deliver a guaranteed 99.7 service reliability. It also provides a guaranteed data throughput, 24/7 technical support and delivers the required hardware to support intended applications. Not only that, EASYNET comes with an NTC license giving the managed service its legal credibility and protection. “It can be deployed but not limited to the following service deployments: IP connectivity, oil and mining VSAT network, SCADA over VSAT and Rapid Disaster Response.”

For his part, ECPI said that through EASYNET, companies can put an end to slow connections, frequent interruptions and distortions, poor quality and unreliability of service. “I am happy that this partnership will bring VSAT technology to a new era. Our partnership with a leading value added distributor like Synetcom further strengthens our vision to be a world-class business solutions provider of cost-effective technology, connectivity and interaction solutions to domestic and foreign markets”, he said.